Plumbing repairs by ViK Team Ltd.

plumbing repairing pipes


The services we offer are in big range, emergency and planned repairs of plumbing installations. It is well known that in old buildings replacement of water and sewerage systems becomes inevitable over the years. In such cases it is important who to turn to and who to trust  fixing the problems. We at ViK Team, are the right people in the right place. Urgent plumbing service and planned plumbing repair will be executed flawlessly from our ViK Team. Our plumbers know where to start with a plumbing repair and how to complete it in the shortest possible time. Quality performed plumbing repairs or other service are the best advertisement for us. Our purpose is to keep the customer happy and we at ViK Team strive to become your home (personal) plumbers. ViK Team also offers these plumbing services and installation:

  • Installation of sink
  • Installation of monoblock
  • Installation of toilet cistern
  • Installation of a shower
  • Installation of bathtub
  • Installation of all types of faucets and other water taps

We can provide and supply quality mixers, batteries and all associated plumbing materials at good prices. As for emergency plumbing repairs our plumbers have in their cars a full range of top – spare materials that can instantly react on your emergency and remove the problem or at least temporarily prevent the accident in order to make the right final decision.