Repair toilet cistern

Created by us. Installation of new cisterns and repair of old water cistern. Installation of bide. When installing of concealed cistern must be approached very carefully with expensive parts. It is possible to hurt the cistern, which is made of PVC and subsequent repairs would be quite complicated because the built cistern already left behind coating tiles. This will be very expensive repair later, if you take the expensive price and the actual cistern that starts from 600 lev market plumbing equipment. Sometimes occurs in shipping and prove that the court water storage is cracked, for that should be carefully studied before proceeding with the installation.
In the repair of a simple cistern, It can often be that the discharge mechanism has a problem. In this case it worth for the cistern to be repaired by your plumber, because this option would be much cheaper than to buy new.

  • Installation of concealed cistern

    Installation of concealed cistern

  • Repair of cistern

    Repair of cistern

  • Installation of bidet

    Installation of bidet