Installing a shower

The beginning of shower installation by ViK Team Ltd. is as follows. Firstly removed parts from the box and if all are available we start with the removal of the protective nylon itself from the shower tray. Next step is a precision grip of the siphon , paying attention not seal. After making sure that the tray is located horizontally. Siphon put in place and inflict silicone. Then in order is to assemble the vertical and horizontal profiles. With fixtures. In the already established position of the frames, transcending to drill holes in the wall. When glass partitions and profiles are together as one, we exert them on the bathtub. Install all the rings on the sliding doors and hung in their places. It is recommended that silicone is applied between all frames fitting to the wall.

  • Tightening profiles

    Tightening profiles

  • Drilling


  • Fasteners


  • Glass partitions

    Glass partitions

  • Horizontal profile

    Horizontal profile

  • Siphon


  • Siphon Connection

    Siphon Connection

  • Tray


  • Аssembled shower

    Аssembled shower

  • Drive wheels

    Drive wheels

  • Vertical profile

    Vertical profile