Repair of the sink mixer, shower and bidet

When repair of the sink mixer it is very important to revise the parts of the mixer such as seals of taps and whether they are well placed hemp and silicone sealing tape during installation. Flexible connections should be checked carefully for defects, because often still in the initial installation to prove that there is a faulty hose connection. We recommend the products of the Bulgarian company Vidima, which are known throughout Europe and have proven their quality, both in Bulgaria and in the European market. When we offer our plumbing services we try to work with quality materials, which saves future emergency plumbing repairs. Vik Team wishes to be responsible to you for work we do.

  • Installation of shower

    Installation of shower

  • Installation of mixer

    Installation of mixer

  • Mount double sink

    Mount double sink

  • Polypropylene pipes in the bathroom shower

    Polypropylene pipes in the bathroom shower

  • Parts Installation of battery

    Parts Installation of battery

  • A sink and mixer

    A sink and mixer

  • Mounting bidet mixer

    Mounting bidet mixer